Saturday, March 22, 2014

Why Men and Women are signing our petition at

Thank you to all who have chosen to stand up and be counted in support of equality. Below are reasons why women and men from all over the world have signed the petition demanding an apology from CBMW for their dangerous complementarian teaching against women:

Complementarianism almost destroyed our marriage. It is anti-Christ in the most fundamental sense- it denies the clear words of Christ for us to love one another as Christ loved us.  -- CHARLOTTE, NC

Because The Bible is clear on Equality between men and women and must be upheld. -- NEBO, NC

Jesus is nowhere in that document (Danver's Statement). I want people to meet Him -- DEDHAM, MA

I owe women teachers and preachers an incalculable debt. I owe them, and I owe my wife, daughters, and sisters in the faith, public resistance to CBMW's unbiblical and destructive anti-woman doctrine and practice. THAT is why I am signing this. -- CHICAGO, IL

When understood in context, and not twisted to meet a misogynist end, the Holy Scriptures teach an equality in Christ of all persons, and to deny or denigrate equality in Christ and as fellow servants within Christ's Church (of which Christ alone is Head), or worse endorsing and encouraging abuse is antithetical to the way of Christ Jesus our Lord and Head, the Prince of Peace. -- HAMPDEN, ME

I'm signing this not just for myself, but for my children. Its this type of harmful group think that truly distorts the Lord's Message! When women and children use their gifts within the church - and outside of the church - they do it for JESUS...not as some silly personal slam called 'usurping' men. Its not about them. We do it for God just as they should be doing. --  IL

Gifts that God has given to the female half of the body of Christ with the intent to use them are lying dormant and unused. --  LOUISVILLE, KY

To support a group of advocates who are working to point out gross heresies as they relate to the role and identity of women in the church. -- HALLANDALE BEACH, FL

As a women who has grown up to this kind of propaganda it has stunted my growth and relationship with god and my husband. Always feeling like a 2nd class citizen. --  CHICAGO, IL

This is just a twisted view of Christianity and as usual leaves woman abused and misused! -- GILLETTE, WY

I was in an abusive marriage and was counseled by the pastor of First Baptist Church, Hobart, IN, that it was MY fault that my husband was abusive to me and my children. His abuse has left phsycial damage to myself and my oldest son is now blind in his left eye. My now ex-husband serve time in jail for his crimes. --QUARTZSITE, AZ

That this is a mockery to what Christ came to accomplish. Freedom to love and serve Him without manipulation and control -- EDMONTON, CANADA

CBMW is heretical and anti-biblical -- EAST HAVEN, CT


I think CBMW is wasting a lot of talent and not using the available resources (female) to spread the gospel. It is selfish of them to think that only men can be effective evangelists. -- WILLIS, TX

From a christian worldview anyone who has genuinely experienced rebirth or regeneration in Christ cannot accept this teaching. It is so contrary to the spirit and teaching of Jesus.It makes me wonder if those who teach this know Him at all. -- COH, NY

Because CBMW has left the gospel of women and men as equal in function and being and instead elevated their own cultural ideas above the Lord's. This is wrong, and it has hurt thousands of people in many ways. -- KATY, TX

Religious abuse should be countered, and strongly, at every turn. -- DALLAS, TX

The Bible should not be used as a tool to subject any one people group to the authority of another, particularly on the basis of inherent characteristics such as race or sex. Strong evidence suggests that the Bible has been systematically mistranslated and misinterpreted by men holding a patriarchal cultural bias. This bias should not be confused with the will of God. -- KITCHENER, CANADA

This issue is important to me because these false teachings destroy families and churches, destroy the bonds of trust between husbands and wives, sisters and brothers in Christ. We are reaping and salvaging what they have sown. -- PHENIX CITY, AL

Women and children are not the property of men. That is a misperception created by men to further their own kingdoms. It is time for mankind to grow-up and embrace the balance and equality that comes with respecting all humankind. --  REDONDO BEACH, CA

I believe that God created all people equal -- men and women. This is not what CBMW teaches and I believe it puts women at a disadvantage in most arenas and at risk in their relationships. -- HAGERSTOWN, MD

If you call yourself "Christian", you cannot oppress women. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. ALL people are your neighbors - even women! I agree with everything this video says! -- CONROE, TX

Because I believe it is wrong to oppress ANYONE regardless of their race, gender or ethnicity and women are being treated as less valuable and that is not what Christ did -- NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA

To end opression against women and preach the REAL Gospel of Jesús Christ -- SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA

I am against all androcratic or "males on top" systems and theologies and practices in the church that second-class women or restrict them because of their sex/gender from operating as equal and fully-equipped children of God when it comes to giftings and abilities to serve in the body of Christ as the Holy Spirit and their talents allow and enable them. Such teachings and practices go against the Gospel and the New Creation that Jesus proclaimed and inaugurated as the Kingdom of God. -- HIGHLAND VILLAGE, TX

This is important because God made both genders to have dominion over the earth (Gen. 1:28) - not over the other half of humanity - and in the end all believers (both genders) with rule with God. It is important because God is just and shows no favouritism. --WELKOM, SOUTH AFRICA

I was raised under this false doctrine and still suffer its repercussions. -- CONROE, TX

Women are important to God. -- VALLEYVIEW, CANADA

I  believe the 'male headship' paradigm that CBMW promotes is just a poorly disguised form of idolatry, and that it, at worst, facilitates the abuse of many women, at best it allows it. It is also a very poor witness to the world, most societies of which are patriarchal and where the abuse of women is rife. -- COROWA, AUSTRALIA

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