Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Betty Eadie: Repentent Feminist

The complementarian Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) constantly boasts that their doctrine of female subordination and male authority is different from the philosophy of “the world.” Although how they can make that claim with a straight face is a marvel as their position is identical to all religions, cultures, and societies in recorded history.

Complementarian bloggers are fond of publishing, “I was a repentant feminist” type articles. Well, here is one they could add to their portfolios but probably won’t. New Age Mormon author, Betty Eadie, was a feminist … until she had a psychic—out of body—near death, experience where she was astrally projected to the “other side” and, with the help of her spirit guides, given understanding of all things.

Eadie’s book, Embraced by the Light (Bantam Books, 1992), is standard New Age fare with a Mormon twist. On the “other side,” she met a “Jesus,” (the reader must understand that the Mormon Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible. Mormon teaching is that he is Lucifer’s brother) who immediately put her mind at ease about all the different world religions. He helped her understand that ALL religions and philosophies are “precious and important.” In other words, there is no right or wrong religion, and, in the end, everybody gets eternal life--regardless of what they believe.

During her out of body experience, she learned that Jesus is not really God and did not create everything (Col 1:16-17; John 1:1-3). This New Age/Mormon Jesus told her that God did not create the world by himself, as the prophet declared in Isaiah 44:24, but rather that “all people, as spirits in the pre-mortal world took part in the creation of the world.”

 While on the “other side,” Her spirit guides led her to a room where there was a Council of 12 men. She wrote of this experience saying, “As a rather independent thinker on earth, I was sensitive to the roles of women in the world. I was concerned about their equality…had very strong opinions as to their ability to compete with men on an equal footing in most settings. I might have reacted unfavorably to this council of men and no women. But I was learning to have a new perspective about the differing roles of men and women.”

Wow, this New Age/Mormon author, through a demonic psychic experience, was brought into agreement with the CBMW on the inferior status of women, both on earth and even into eternity. Eadie embraced, what Jocelyn Andersen, in Woman this is WAR!, (One Way Press, 2010) called, the “Evil Woman” doctrine. Eadie wrote, “I had seen the differences between Adam and Eve. I was shown that Adam was…satisfied with his condition in the Garden and that Eve was more restless…I understood the peril women faced from Satan…He would try to destroy families, and therefore humanity, by tempting women…I began to see the difference in the roles between men and women, and I understood the necessity and beauty of those roles.”

Betty Eadie, through one encounter with evil spirits, during an occult experience, became a repentant feminist and, with no apparent coaching from the CBMW, immediately began to chant the complementarian mantras of differing “roles,” and the “evil woman” doctrine that blames women for all of the woes of the world and teaches that women must be kept on a short leash so they don’t bring ruin upon everyone. She even threw in the smokescreen, complementarian, argument of “no differences” between men and women. That argument makes no sense whatsoever as anyone with eyes can see that there are differences!

What an amazing coincidence that the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood are in complete agreement with a doctrine of devils (the demonic manifestation of “Council of Men”) that helped a confused Mormon woman to become a repentant feminist by helping her to understand that the subordination of women is truly ordained by God for both time and eternity.

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  1. I don't mean to be rude, but Betty Eadie doesn't sound very well balanced. And the really die-hard complementarians seem to be in the same boat.