Saturday, October 29, 2011

Al Mohler Thinks We're Confused

Complementarianism is a Goliath with many heads. Complementarianism has BIG numbers, BIG money, and BIG names behind it. David had only one giant to fight. We have legion. David went to the brook and chose for himself five smooth stones. He only needed one for himself. The other four were for us.

This post is a reprint of our One Year Anniversary Newsletter published on Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today is the first anniversary of the Freedom for Christian Women’s demand for an apology. As noted by Co-Founder, *Shirley Taylor, and Special Consultant, **Cindy Kunsman, we are no closer, today, to receiving an apology from the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood than we were a year ago, although we did rate a “Tweet” from council member, and president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Al Mohler.

In his tweet, Mohler stated that FreeCWC’s argument seemed “confused and not quite together.” We beg to differ with him on that assessment. The argument for equality that FreeCWC stands on is outlined thoroughly in the book, Woman this is WAR! Gender, Slavery and the Evangelical Caste System.

For a limited time, in celebration of the One Year Anniversary of FreeCWC, Andersen is making the book available free for Download. Visit and click on the book cover to access the free download of Woman this is WAR! We believe readers will find her argument very much “together,” and rather than being confusing, as Mohler claims, the case for equality is clear and easily understood by lay Christians and theologians alike.

We can only conclude from Mohler’s statement that he either jumped the gun and tweeted before he read the argument, or that he read the argument and was confused by the fact that it succinctly shredded the false premises upon which the CBMW and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary base their oppression of women.

The Council has maintained an ominous silence in efforts to marginalize the FreeCWC. But their silence speaks volumes. In her blog, Under Much Grace, *Kunsman wrote, “At the very least, I hoped that the Council would make some gesture to address the issue concerning the physical abuse of women. Many churches and individuals use CBMW's twist on theology to exonerate men who physically abuse and sin against their wives, and even just a small gesture of appointing a committee would be a very postmodern thing to do, even if it only meant to make it look like they were concerned about the problem.”

The problem of abuse among Christians is far more widespread than people would like to believe.

FreeCWC’s Special Consultants have all received communications describing abuse resulting from patriarchal/complementarian theology. Some subscribers to this newsletter have written that they live in isolated, oppressive circumstances because of the teachings perpetuated by the CBMW. Please pray for guidance for all involved and for the safety and well-being of the women and children in these circumstances.

This has been an eventful year for FreeCWC. Most of the media attention we garnered has been in support of what we are doing, but we have heard from friend and foe alike. Supporters of FreeCWC include both males and females, most of who would be horrified at the thought of being label as “feminists.” Shirley Taylor began her presentation at Seneca Falls 2 by saying she was a housewife who cooked 3 meals a day, never-the-less, the pastor of one Baptist church saw fit to call the female members of FreeCWC, “shrill, in-your-face, feminists.” Shrill being defined as a high-pitched penetrating sound having a harsh intense quality perceived as unpleasant.

It is not unreasonable to presume that our message would be interpreted as unpleasant to those opposed to functional equality.

More often, though, we hear from supporters asking how they can help further the cause of functional equality for Christian women. Our answer at this point is, keep in touch with us and with other supporters. Our email address is listed at the bottom of this newsletter. Our list of subscribers continues to grow. The blogs and websites of our supporters literally reach millions. Don’t forget to forward this newsletter to friends, and check out the “What Can We Do…” list at the end of this and every newsletter. The “What Can We Do…” list is subject to revision as we add options.

Just keep spreading the word! Support for equality is swelling into a movement that will not be stopped, and indeed cannot be stopped, as God is in it.

We have been asked if there is another Seneca Falls 2 Conference coming. The answer is, probably. There certainly is support for one. We have been contacted by numerous authors and speakers offering to speak at the next conference. Please make that a matter of prayer.

We have news. Hannah Thomas of ***Emotional Abuse and Your Faith Blog, who has long been an advocate of equality and an advocate for those abused in the name of religion, has accepted our invitation to act as Special Consultant to FreeCWC. Visit our website for a listing and bios of all of our Special Consultants.

Lastly, please don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions and any news of interest. We love hearing from our subscribers and ask that you help keep us informed of any relevant issues.

Don't forget, Where the Spirit of the LORD is there is LIBERTY….



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